Mortgage loan modifications made easy

Prepare to engage in loss mitigation. Stretto DMM Portal is the only court-approved loan modification solution for a more organized, efficient process — from preparation to resolution, and everything in between.

What our clients say

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Lauren Lamb, Partner, Law Offices of Steidl & Steinberg

“The Stretto DMM Portal is very helpful. It keeps all loan modification parties accountable. And that’s a good thing.”

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Erik Clark, Managing Partner, Borowitz & Clark

"Before Stretto’s solution, the loan modification process was such a complete waste of time that we stopped doing them altogether. The need for something better was tremendous and the transparency and ease of use of Stretto’s DMM Portal fit the bill."

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Paris Tertanni, Mortgage Modification Supervisor, Freedom Law Firm

“Stretto’s DMM Portal is a lifesaver. It’s self-explanatory, very user friendly and works great.”

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Trustworthy expertise

DMM Portal is part of the Stretto family, a company that builds tools for bankruptcy professionals. DMM Portal -- the only solution approved by the courts -- was created by experts with over 30 years of experience and feedback from those on the ground—servicers, debtor attorneys, and court personnel.

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Partner-focused client advocates

Stretto’s Client Services Team is ready to help you with all your loan modification needs* -- from document preparation to answering questions about the mortgage loan modification process. Thanks to our proprietary document preparation software, you’ll save countless hours preparing your client’s documents. And, with our concierge services where our experts prepare and monitor your document submissions, you’ll be able to complete even more cases in less time.

* Additional fees apply

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Reliable results

Always get an answer with Stretto DMM Portal. DMM Portal brings all stakeholders together to collaborate in a single, real-time, secure environment. Our system is the only court-approved software on the market. With the DMM Portal, you will get a 100% response rate* and a 70% success rate in obtaining modifications**.

* Using DMM Portal's Program Manager program
** Based on reported results from courts. Results may vary.

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Turnkey solution

Stretto DMM Portal eliminates the guesswork and makes implementation simple and easy. Skip the manual processes - from document preparation to resolution - the DMM Portal automates loss mitigation like never before. Collaborate with key stakeholders and process more applications in less time without ever losing track of progress.

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100%** Using DMM Portal's Program Manager program

Response rate

for modification requests

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Faster results
saving you time and money

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70%** Based on reported results from courts. Results may vary.

Success rate

in mortgage loan modification

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Mortgage servicers
utilize DMM Portal

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