What we do

Stretto DMM Portal is the only court-approved online platform that focuses on document preparation, case filing, and response resolution for loan modifications.

Our objective

Mortgage debt has historically gone under addressed in the bankruptcy process. Stretto developed its customized loan modification solution to address this issue and provide transparency for all stakeholders. With unremedied mortgage debt being a leading cause of failed Chapter 13 plans, a successful mortgage loan modification substantially increases the likelihood of a debtor achieving discharge – while retaining their home.
Stretto, partnering with clients and key stakeholders, provides a court-approved,* secure, online platform that facilitates the entire process – from document production to decision – and delivers a viable opportunity for more homeowners to keep their homes, and attorneys to provide a much needed, value add and vetted, service.
*27 districts currently have an approved loss mitigation program. Other districts can accommodate with a simple motion and order.

Meet our experts

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Igor Roitburg, Managing Director

With over 25 years of combined legal, bankruptcy industry and technology proficiency, Igor brings considerable expertise to his role as Managing Director. Prior to joining Stretto, he co-founded Default Mitigation Management, LLC.


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Joe Smith, Managing

Leveraging substantive legal, bankruptcy, and technology expertise, Joe serves as Managing Director. Early in his career, he co-founded and served as CEO for Default Mitigation Management, LLC, and was instrumental in positioning the company for acquisition by Stretto.

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George Vogl, Managing Director

Leveraging over 15 years of experience as a former bankruptcy and consumer-rights attorney, George has keen insight into the operational needs of his client base. Serving as Managing Director, he works with law firms to streamline their procedures and implement industry best practices.

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Raymond Stuchell, Director

In his role as Director, Raymond is responsible for the successful retention and ongoing engagement of Stretto’s consumer-bankruptcy Attorney clients. Drawing on significant industry experience, he leverages procedural insight to implement feature adoption and streamline processes designed to maximize productivity. 

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Our history


Default Mitigation Management, LLC (DMM) Is Founded

Built on deep subject matter expertise, DMM is founded to provide simplicity and transparency to mortgage loan modification.


DMM Portal Is Launched

Collaborating with industry stakeholders, the company develops its proprietary technology to streamline mortgage loan modification documentation and processing.


Bankruptcy Courts Adopt Loan Modification Programs

The first bankruptcy courts begin adopting formal loan modification programs and using the DMM Portal as an integral part of the mortgage loan modification process.


First Court Implements a Program Manager Model

The Central District of California incorporates a program manager to improve efficiency and bring additional oversight to the process.


Over 500 Loan Servicers Utilize DMM Portal

Recognized as a proven solution, the number of loan servicers and financial institutions adopting DMM Portal continues to grow.


Stretto Acquires DMM

Stretto’s acquisition of DMM expands the company’s growing portfolio of service and product offerings to include mortgage and student loan debt resolution in bankruptcy.


Over 25 Court Districts Approved

Stretto’s continued efforts to gain greater court adoption across the country results in fewer administrative burdens on the court and its staff as well as borrowers.

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