Effortlessly Navigate Student Loans With Stretto DMM Portal


Stretto DMM Portal makes it easy and cost-effective for Attorneys to assess their clients for student loan discharge in bankruptcy and prepares the required Attestation. In cases where discharge is not possible, Stretto assists debtors in identifying and applying for the optimal repayment plan.

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Attorneys now have a student loan management tool to help borrowers reduce long-term damage to their credit and achieve financial stability. With Stretto DMM Portal, Attorneys can facilitate the process and enable borrowers to understand their options and secure an optimal resolution.

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Student loan cases with orders under the DOJ Guidance achieved a discharge

Stretto's tools have helped my practice just by simplifying the fact gathering process and presenting everything I need to advocate for the client in an organized and accessible way." 

Bradley Braswell Attorney at Law

Everything You Need for
Student Loan Management with Stretto DMM Portal



Know Before You Go

Quickly evaluate clients to determine if their student loans can be discharged.


Detailed Reports

Detailed reports provide all the information you need to make informed decisions.

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Complete Documentation

Download customized, complete Attestations and repayment plan applications.


Customized Options

Tailored insights for discharge, consolidation, repayment, and forgiveness.

What Our Clients Say

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“I have no doubt that Stretto DMM Portal eased the process and improved the result.”


Dave Lynn

Former Chief Counsel of the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance



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“I rely on Stretto for the bulk of the student loan discharge and IDR enrollment practice. The documents they have made available through the use of the software has been awesome.”


Bradley Braswell

Owner, Braswell Enterprises Ltd.



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Everything You Need for
Student Loan Discharge with Stretto DMM Portal


Data Entry Wizard                  

Asks simple, straight-forward questions to ensure an accurate and complete evaluation and preparation of the Attestation.

Data Validation                          

Ensures Attorney has entered the required information.

Automated IRS Standard Look Up

Shows the debtor’s relevant IRS Standard for all expense categories.

Quickly & Accurately Evaluate All Client Loans

Upload NSLDS to quickly and accurately evaluate all client loans.

Comprehensive Eligibility Report

Download report detailing debtor’s eligibility, including elements of the DOJ Guidance tests, identifying issues and potential solutions.

Completed Attestation                   

Prepares customized Attestation for the Attorney to submit to the AUSA.

Draft Adversary Complaint                   

Provides an Adversary Complaint draft containing information in an editable .rtf format for easy modification.

Proof Of Income Requirements

Delivers required proof of income documents necessary to proceed with a discharge request.

Why Stretto DMM Portal?


Stretto DMM Portal ensures you’ll know if your client meets DOJ’s Student Loan Discharge Guidance and prepares a customized Attestation so you can easily and cost-effectively help your clients achieve financial freedom.
  • Simplify the process


    The step-by-step wizard-based platform simplifies document preparation and automates custom application preparation, providing an easy-to-use solution law firms can quickly incorporate into their practices' offerings.


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    Achieve successful outcomes


    Mitigate risk by using our student loan analyzer tools to accurately assess your client’s likelihood of success before you file.


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  • Save time


    Stretto DMM Portal handles it all. From analysis to Attestation and repayment plans, Stretto DMM Portal ensures you have all the tools to properly guide your clients to student loan freedom.


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Stretto DMM Portal
Makes Navigating Student Loan Discharge Easy


Step 1

Answer simple questions to determine eligibility


Step 2

Download personalized report

Step 3

Generate required application

Step 4

Submit required documents

Step 5

Success! It’s that simple

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