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“Stretto’s DMM Portal is a lifesaver. It’s self-explanatory, very user friendly and works great.”


Nevada law firm turns to Stretto for  loan modification services

 “Love it. It works great. A lifesaver.”

 That’s high praise for any product, especially legal software. In this case, those comments are from Paris Tertanni about the Stretto DMM Portal.

 Paris is the Mortgage Modification Supervisor at the Freedom Law Firm in southern Nevada, and she relies on Stretto’s DMM Portal to help her clients seek debt relief.

 Stretto: Used in more than 80% of bankruptcy cases

 With the DMM Portal, Stretto combines best-in-class technology and streamlined workflows to provide customized solutions to expedite communication among debtors, creditors, courts, and lawyers in the bankruptcy process. Time is saved, costs are reduced, and resolutions are arrived at much quicker.

How good is Stretto’s DMM Portal? “Prior to the Portal, the entire loan modification process was manual,” explained Paris. “Preparing the documentation, faxing submissions to the lenders, exhausting phone calls to resolve issues. Lenders would claim to not have received documents or request a resubmission. It was just repeated paper pushing only to get nowhere.

 “With Stretto’s solution, it’s like night and day. You upload everything to the Portal. It’s document specific, you go right down the list, and then hit submit. Everything is in writing. Lenders can’t continue to ask for the same documents. Everyone—the courts, opposing counsel, the lenders, the client—has access and can monitor the process or call out any roadblocks.

 Not just for bankruptcy cases

 As one of the largest and most experienced consumer law firms in Nevada, the Freedom group focuses on offering comprehensive debt relief, including bankruptcy options. Paris uses the Portal for all her mortgage modifications through Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. And has stopped doing loan modifications outside of the Portal because it just doesn’t make sense anymore.

 “Thanks to Stretto,” continued Paris, “I’m able to be much more productive. My caseload is manageable now. I know what my statuses are, and what we may be waiting on. I can do constant updates; I can check calendars. It’s extremely helpful for me, because I scan everything in and don’t have to touch paperwork anymore. Everything is in the Portal.  

 “In fact, we like the Portal so much we’re going to start doing student loan modifications with it as well. I don’t have anything bad to say about the Portal. It’s self-explanatory and very user friendly. Our version is free, and it works great.”

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