Tammy Branson, Branson Law

Discover how Branson Law successfully streamlined student loan management with Stretto DMM Portal, improving efficiency and precision in handling client cases.



Tammy Branson, Branson Law

Branson Law has been serving consumers and businesses in central Florida for over 30 years. The firm believes in finding creative ways to help people manage their debt. As part of their practice, Branson Law assists their clients with mortgage loan modifications and student loan management.

For decades, Branson Law has been deeply involved in debtor work—navigating the complexities of various cases. Student loans, however, presented a unique set of challenges, given the brutal case law regarding student loans, administrative hurdles, and lack of transparency in the process.

After the Department of Justice announced the streamlined process to discharge student loans in November of 2022, Branson Law needed a solution that could help them effectively represent their clients. They realized the Stretto DMM Portal, a software solution they had been using for mortgage modifications for years, could be utilized for student loans as well. After viewing a demo of the platform, they discovered how quick and easy the process for helping their clients tackle student loans could be.   

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Streamline Student Loans with Stretto DMM Portal

With Stretto DMM Portal, attorneys no longer have to worry about the tedious process of manually reviewing cases and preparing adversary complaints and attestations. These tasks can easily be handled in the platform. In addition, attorneys can modify a client’s information and update related reports and documents automatically with new data—all at no extra cost. Stretto DMM Portal has helped Tammy and her team quickly determine if their clients' student loans are eligible for discharge, so they only prosecute cases that are likely to succeed.

Tammy's firm saw a significant improvement in how the firm handled student loan advisories with the integration of Stretto DMM Portal. Initially burdened with the manual and time-consuming process of deciphering NSLDS documents, the firm could now utilize Stretto DMM Portal to swiftly analyze and gain clear insights into clients' loan details. This not only streamlined their operations but also equipped them with data-driven recommendations to better serve their clients, helping them increase the number of student loan discharges they’ve filed this year.

The introduction of Stretto DMM Portal dramatically reduced the time spent on processing student loan discharges, making the process three times faster than before. It eliminated the guesswork in determining the dischargeability of student loans or the need for repayment plans, offering a comprehensive upfront analysis. This ensured that clients received accurate and tailored advice while also simplifying the process of filling out the necessary forms correctly.

Overall, Tammy's firm transitioned from being overwhelmed by the complexities of student loans to confidently managing them with efficiency and precision, attributing this remarkable change to the capabilities and support provided by Stretto. 

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