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Step-by-Step Guide for new users of docUmods and the DMM Web Portal. MMM Court Program Information: Basic Requirements & Program Outline


General Information

This will provide you with all the basic information that you will need know regarding DMM’s Loss Mitigation Web Portal, docUmods, and your Court’s Mortgage Modification Mediation Program.





The program might differ slightly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but the loss mitigation court programs are very similar and generally works as follows:


The 5 Basic Steps will need to be completed for each bankruptcy client that you have participating in the court’s program. The Portal will provide tools and assistance during each step. The Portal has been specifically designed to do most of the work for you automatically.




Complete application through docUmods.

docUmods is like TurboTax for loan modifications. You just have to answer some basic questions and docUmods prepares your entire document package for you. The paperwork package is customized depending on whom you select as the Servicer and your client's individual financial situation. All you have to do is follow the easy instructions provided on each form. docUmods will even provide a checklist that you can give to your client to make sure they have gathered all the necessary paperwork.


*You will need access to the DMM Web Portal in order to use the docUmods software.


To start a new docUmods application:

  1. Go to

  2. Under Existing Users, login with your email and password

  3. On the Main Toolbar, click docuMods > Start New




File Motion with Court

Before the process can begin, you will need to file a Motion with the Court requesting the Court’s approval to enter into the Program.


(There are a couple of documents and notices you will need to file with the Motion so carefully review the program requirements on the courts website).


Click HERE to visit our Court Links page where you can view the program rules and procedures for your specific bankruptcy jurisdiction.



Court will issue the Order

Obtain the order from the court. Typically once your client's paperwork package has been completed and the motion has been filed, the court will issue the order. You cannot upload your completed document package to the Bank / Servicer and complete the Portal submission without first uploading the court order.



Submit case to Servicer

Once the Order has been issued, you will be able to upload the entire document package to the Portal. Your client will need to review and sign all the documentation and forms. Once you receive the signed documents from your client, you will need to scan each form as a PDF document. When uploading the documents during the Portal submission process, each document will be uploaded separately.


Add Borrower Button

To begin the Portal submission process:

  1. On the Main Toolbar, click the Add Borrower Button to initiate the Submission Wizard

  2. Answer any questions regarding the borrower, case, or the bankruptcy

  3. Link the docUmods application ( if one exists )

  4. Upload the Loss Mitigation Order

  5. Upload the signed forms

  6. Pay the Portal Submission Fee ( price varies per jurisdiction )

Once you have successfully paid the Portal Submission Fee, the submission process is complete. The Servicer will now have access to all the documents and case information and will begin their review.



Communicate & Resolve

Once a case has been submitted, the Portal will create a customized Borrower Information Page that contains the case information, case history, documents, interactive visual timeline, messaging center, and a variety of links and tools.


Borrower Information Page

You will be able to track progress on the Borrower Information Page using the Interactive Timeline and communicate directly with the Servicer using the built-in Portal messaging center.


Interactive Case Timeline

Portal Messaging

Once the review has been completed and the Servicer has reported their decision, the process is finished and the case can be closed!



Additional Information

This is typically how the court programs work but you should still visit the court’s website in each bankruptcy jurisdiction to review the Mortgage Modification Mediation Program Rules and Procedures. The rules, process, and prerequisites for filing the motion and obtaining the court order can differ slightly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. It is up to you to familiarize yourself with the rules and procedures in your particular jurisdiction(s). Click HERE to access our Court Links page.


DMM DocUprep Services

Enroll your client in our docUprep assistance program.

Our Program Experts Will Complete Steps 1-4 for you!

Additionally, if you would like some assistance creating the package for your client, DMM’s docUprep service can help you with that as well. It’s only $200 and most attorneys find it very helpful to get started and get their client cases uploaded quickly.


We will interview your client on your behalf, fill out and mail them all the documentation and forms, receive the forms back, and then scan and upload them to the Portal. You will take over the case once the completed package has been submitted and the case goes live with the Servicer.


To enroll your client in DMM's docUprep assistance program:

  1. On the Main Toolbar, click Tools > DMM DocUprep

  2. Read and review the docUprep services info

  3. Click the Request DocUprep Button

  4. Provide your client's name, case, and contact information

  5. Click the Submit DocUprep Request Button

Once you have submitted your docUprep request, a DMM representative will contact you by phone shortly.

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