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Servicer Requirements

The Servicer Requirement Page is a tool used to display a list of all documents and forms required when submitting a case via the Portal.


Servicer Requirements Page

The benefit of using the Servicer Requirements Page is that you can see the list of required forms and documents for any Servicer by providing very minimal information.


Most of the time, you will be provided with the appropriate forms and documents by simply following the docUmods and Portal submission process.


Accessing the Servicer Requirements Page:

In order to access the Servicer Requirements Page, you will need to have an active DMM Web Portal account.


1. Go to

2. Under Existing Users, login with your email and password.

3. On the Main Toolbar, click Tools > Servicer Requirements.


4. Read the Notice and check the "I understand and agree" box.

5. On the Servicer Requirements page, provide the information requested.

6. Click the Show Requirements Button to display the required document list.


Note: If you plan to prepare the paperwork package using docUmods, you may not need to use the Servicer Requirements Page at all ( most users don't ). Please read the Using docUmods section below before spending time accessing and using the tools on the Servicer Requirements Page.


Using docUmods

docUmods is like TurboTax for loan modifications. You just have to answer some basic questions and docUmods prepares the entire document package for you. The paperwork package is customized depending on whom you select as the Servicer and how you answer the questions within the docUmods application.


In many jurisdictions, using docUmods to prepare the paperwork package is required by the court's program procedures. If docUmods is not required as part of the program, it is recommended that you use it anyway as it greatly simplifies the entire process and leaves little room for mistakes.


Ultimately, if you are using docUmods, we recommend that you DO NOT use the Servicer Requirements Page as both docUmods and the Servicer Requirements Page will provide you with the same information.



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