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Submitting a Change Request Letter

Requesting new user accounts or making changes to existing user accounts. Updating your organization's Portal Profile.


Submitting a Change Request Letter

In order to facilitate certain changes on the DMM Web Portal, we require that you provide us with an official change request letter.


Letter Requirements

  1. The paper used for your request letter must have your organization's official letterhead printed on it.  

  2. The body of the letter should contain the details regarding your request.  If your request involves a borrower, you will need to include the borrower's full name, bankruptcy case, and loan number.  For requests involving your organization or your organization's users, make sure you include their full name and email address. 

  3. Finally, the letter must be signed by a department manager or firm partner.   



Submitting Your Request 

Scan the completed letter and save it in PDF format.  Send an email with the attached letter to  


A DMM Portal representative will notify you once your request has been processed.  


Before You Submit...

If at all possible, you should seek the assistance of your Portal Administrator before submitting a change request letter to DMM.  If you do not know who you Portal Administrator is, we can easily provide that information for you. 


If your Portal Administrator is no longer employed with your organization, has changed departments, or is unavailable for any other reason, you might want to consider including in your letter the request to add a new user or promote an existing user to a Portal Administrator.  Keep in mind that your organization can have more than one Portal Administrator.

Your Portal Administrator has the ability to activate and deactivate accounts, reset passwords, edit user profiles, create new users and remove existing ones.  Portal Administrators can edit the details of your organization and make changes to your organization's profile.  They can also view payment history and save credit cards on your company or firm's account so other users can access them when prompted to pay for DMM's products and services.  


Portal Administrators with Servicer account types can also add and configure Default Attorneys firms.  Users can assign borrower cases to any Default Attorney that your Administrator has added to your organization's list of approved attorneys.

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