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Receiving a Temporary ID Code

Portal users can receive Temporary ID Codes by Text, Voice, or Email


Temporary ID Codes

In order to meet the security requirements of some Portal Servicers, the Portal uses two-factor authentication. After successfully entering your email and password, the Portal requires users to receive and enter a Temporary ID Code.


Once you have successfully entered a Temporary ID Code, as long as you are logging in from the same location with the same computer, you will not be required to enter a Temporary ID Code again on the next login(s).



Receiving the Code

Temporary ID Codes automatically expire after login. Each time you are prompted to enter a Temporary ID code, you must have a new one generated.


The Portal can send the Identification Code by either Text, Voice, or Email. Select the desired option and click the 'Next' button.



Email (default method)

The email address for receiving the ID code will always be the same email you are logging into the Portal with. Typically, you will receive the email with Temporary ID code right away. From time to time there will be a slight delay so you should allow a minute or two for the email to be delivered to your inbox if it does not come right away.



If you chose the Voice option, your phone line will ring and you will hear the number read out loud when you answer. Remember, the voice option cannot be used if your line has an automated menu associated with it. The line must ring to you directly in order to use the Voice option.



If you provided a cell phone number when you registered your DMM Portal account, you can use the Text option to have the Temporary ID Code delivered via text messaging.


You can add a cell phone number at anytime if you did not provide one when registering. To add a phone number, login to the Portal and click Profile > My Profile.


When adding phone numbers or editing your DMM Portal Profile, you must enter your current password in order to save the changes.


Any phone number listed on your DMM Portal Profile will be able to receive the Temporary ID Code and will be listed as options on both the Text and Voice delivery methods.



Entering the Code

When you arrive at the code entry page, it is important that you DO NOT CLOSE OR NAVIGATE AWAY FROM THIS PAGE.


If you close this page or navigate away from it, your Identification Code will not work. Depending on the method in which you are receiving the code, it sometimes can take a few minutes. Be patient and wait for the code. Once you receive the code, type it in the box provided and click the 'Next' button.

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