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Reducing File Sizes When Uploading Documents

If you are trying to upload documents and receive an error message stating that the file you are uploading is too large


If you are trying to upload documents and receive an error message stating that the file you are uploading is too large, there are a couple of things you can do to solve the issue.

Maximum File Size: 10 Megabytes


Solution #1: Scanner Settings

Check your scanner settings before you scan. When scanning a signed document in preparation for upload, make sure you are scanning in Black & White and at the lowest DPI possible. If you have a document that is less than 10 pages and the file size exceeded 10 Megabytes after scanning, your scanner settings are not set at the optimal settings mentioned above.


Solution #2: PDF Compression Utility

While these online utilities are not associated with our company, they are FREE and many of our users have had success using them.


Using the online utility:

  1. Use the link provided below access the PDF compression utility.

  2. Click the Choose PDF File button.

  3. Select the PDF file from your computer.

  4. Click the Download File Now button to download the file to your computer.

Link to



Solution #3: Split the Document Into Multiple Parts

You should only split the document into parts as a last resort. Try both of the methods above before doing this. Typically this is only needed for documents that are 40+ pages.


If, for example, you are trying to upload 50 pages of tax returns, scan the first 25 pages and name the scanned document: Tax Returns Part 1. Then scan the last 25 pages and call it Tax Returns Part 2. Make sure before attempting to upload that each part is less than 10 Megabytes.



Uploading the Parts

Upload Tax Returns Part 1 as you normally would. See screenshot below:


After uploading the first part normally, scroll to the bottom of the document upload screen. You will see Other Documentation (Optional). Upload Tax Returns Part 2 here. See screenshot below:


Note: Once you add an "Other" document, another empty "Add a document" with upload file button will appear. You can upload as many "Other" documents as needed but only one is visible at a time until you actually add one.

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