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Current Portal Servicers

Alphabetical List of Registered & Active Portal Servicers


Active Servicer List

Please visit the Current Portal Servicers page on the DMM Web Portal for the complete list of available Servicers.


Current Portal Servicers Link:


Servicer not on the list?

If you need to submit a case and the Servicer is not listed, the following article will help you resolve the issue.


Article Link: When submitting a case, what do I do if the Servicer is not listed?




You cannot access the Current Portal Servicers page using the link above.



Login to the Portal before clicking the link.


Alternative Solution:

You can also access a list of live, active Portal Servicers by logging into the Portal and clicking Tools > Current Portal Servicers on the Main Toolbar as shown in the following screenshot:


Login > Tools > Current Portal Servicers

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