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Transferring a case to a different Servicer

Update the existing Servicer. Initiate a Servicer Transfer.


Initiating a Servicer Transfer

Once a case has been submitted, the Portal can easily transfer a borrower's case along with all the case information and any documents that have been uploaded to different Servicer.



To Change the Mortgage Servicer:

  1. On the Borrower Information Screen, locate Review Options at the bottom of the left navigation panel.

  2. Click Servicer Transfer.

  3. Select the appropriate Servicer from the Servicer Dropdown Box.

  4. Enter the reason for the transfer.

  5. If you have a Servicer Transfer Letter or similar document, click Choose File… to attach it.

  6. Click Submit


Once you submit the Servicer Transfer, the status of the case will change to New and the new servicer will have access to the case and documents.

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